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Dogs Who Are Rude Neighbors

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“Ain’t no mountain hiiiiigh enough, ain’t no valley looooow enough, ain’t no fences taaaaall enough, to keep me from bothering you.”

Living next to a gorgeous pup is a dream come true, right? But be warned, because neighbors can always find a way to really get in your hair. These are the dogs that would make REALLY annoying neighbors… if they weren’t so cute.

When good dogs make bad neighbors…

1. This pup who’s WAY too enthusiastic before you’ve had your coffee.

“HOWDY NEIGHBOR! Oh what a beautiful MOOOOORNIIIIIING, oh what a beautiful DAAAAAY, I’ve got a BEAUTIFUL FEEEEELIIIIIIING, EVERYTHING’S GOING MY haaaaaay come back!!”

2. This nosy Husky who snoops on all your business.

“Doug’s been visiting Judith an awful lot this week. And I have a feeling it’s not just belly rubs…”

3. This well-meaning pooch who can’t keep their mouth shut.

“Hi! Hi! Did you see last night’s Game of Thrones? That murder sure was a twist, wasn’t it!!? Whaddaya mean you ‘didn’t see it yet’??”

4. This poo-etic dog duo with another awkward favor to ask.

“Come to our latest spoken woof piece. It’s about peeing in the ocean. We need you to do the snapping… you know, because of fingers.”

5. This spotted princess who needs to learn some boundaries.

“I was gonna ask you to borrow your lawnmower, buuuut then your garage was cracked, so I figured I’d just go get it and tell you later?? Anyway I’ll have it back by Tuesday!”

6. This gossipy dog who wants you in on their drama.

“Me and Cassie have been fighting lately because I keep eating her favorite dresses. But the thing is, they’re tasty. So I’m not the bad guy here, right?”

7. This lovesick pup who doesn’t respect your wedding vows.

“Oh hi there! Isn’t it funny how we always meet like this when you’re walking to work? Haha, we’re practically soulmates! HAHAHAHA. No but really, I’m a better man than Jared. Please. Just think about it…”

No matter how annoying they may be, we can’t help but admit– these pups are pretty adorable. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want ‘em as my neighbor, warts and all!

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