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Dolly Parton Hinted At Her New Christmas Album All The Way Back In January But We Had No Idea

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Dolly Parton is one of the rare few celebrities that everyone can agree they love. Dolly is a no-nonsense, tough woman who still shows her heart of gold.

Dolly has also been known to show her social media savvy. In January, she gave us the first viral meme challenge of 2020. She posted four different pictures showing the four different personas she shares on four different social media sites. It wasn’t long before everyone was jumping on trends in ways that were hilarious, salacious, and everything in between.

What you didn’t know is that there was an Easter egg hidden in Dolly’s viral meme. In the Facebook photo, Dolly wears an ugly Christmas sweater that reads “A Holly Dolly Christmas.” It was more than just a cute play on words.

Dolly shared a quick collage of news coverage of the meme on Instagram Wednesday. There, revealed that the photo was meant to be an Easter egg all along.

A Holly Dolly Christmas is set to be released this Friday, October 2. The country Christmas album will feature Miley Cyrus, Willie Nelson, Michael Buble, Jimmy Fallon, and Billy Ray Cyrus. There are some awesome album bundles that are sure to make an excellent gift this holiday season.

“I have recorded several Christmas classics like ‘Holly Jolly Christmas,’ as well as some new material that I hope might become Christmas classics. I’ve recorded five duets with five very special artists as you can see. I figured since everybody probably wouldn’t get to celebrate Christmas as usual this year, I wanted to be creative instead of sitting around at the house this summer,” Dolly said in a statement announcing the album’s release.

“So I put on my mask, gloves and practiced social distancing, as well as all of the wonderful musicians and singers, and we proceeded to put together what I think is some of the best work that I’ve ever done. Kent Wells produced the album. As you know, Kent has been my friend, band leader and producer for many years. He’s outdone himself on this one. I’m just hoping that you’re gonna love it as much as we loved putting it together. So enjoy, and Merry Christmas!”

A Holly Dolly Christmas is Dolly’s first holiday album in 30 years, since 1990’s Home for Christmas.

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