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Drew Barrymore Will Reunite With ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Costars On Her Talk Show Debut

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Drew Barrymore has some exciting guests up her sleeve for the debut episode of her new talk show.

The Drew Barrymore Show will see the 45-year-old actress try her hand at something new.

“Timing really is everything in life. I think I am at probably the most settled place I have been at in my life. I am a mom, I can see things from a lot of different angles and I still have enough energy … I want to just look at everything from an honest perspective, a different perspective, a humorous perspective, and a very real perspective in 2020,” she told Entertainment Tonight of her new venture.

The show will premiere on Monday, September 14. Drew decided to kick things off with some guests who are very close to her heart. Her Charlie’s Angels costars, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, will appear on the debut.

“There’s a lot of anniversaries, but the Charlie’s Angels one is very special for all of us involved,” she explained. The iconic remake will turn 20 this October.

“We spent four years of our lives making those films, editing them, traveling the world to promote, training kung fu, and we have the longest-lasting friendships out of it. To know that we got to be a part of something so empowered — and that film, we wanted to have women in it that were strong and capable and had a sense of humor.”

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