Life Stories

Each of Us Has Our Own Story

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An elderly woman died alone in a nursing home.
When the staff cleared out her room, they found a letter I her drawer.
It was addressed to all the nurses and administrators at the nursing home.
Each of them, reading it burst into tears.
“Dear nursing assistants, what do you see when are you looking at me?
Probably only a frail old woman, not very smart, and with strange habits… a person with an absent gaze and dull eyes.
Someone who does not obey and spits out her food, leaving you frustrated. Is this all you see?
In that case, you should look more closely, because I’m not like that. I’m a little girl with a loving family.
I am a young bride, whose heart beats faster because I’m going to make a vow that I keep for all of my life.
I’m a mother. I have two beautiful children who love me and they need me.
I am a woman, becoming increasingly wise and mature.
My children are growing up fast, but I know in my heart that they will never really leave me.

I’m middle aged woman. My children have left the house, and my husband and I are happy again on our own.
I’m a grandmother. For the first time after decades, I hold children on my lap again. I could not be happier.
I’m a widow. A dark cloud hovers over me and I grieve my husband’s death.
When I think about future, I feel lost. I do not have anyone to take care of me.
My children have children of their own, and I don’t want to disturb them.
I’m an old woman. Nature shows no mercy. I feel trapped inside my body.
Strength and beauty have vanished. Despite this, deep inside me there is still that child, who lives among the wrinkles.
In my mind, I think of all the good times that I have lived and also the bad ones.
I accept the fact that nothing last forever. Therefore, open your eyes and look more closely.
You are not looking at a frail old woman, you are looking at Me!
Everyone has a past full of sadness and joy. The elderly deserve respect and patience as much as anyone else.
Because remember, one day, you’ll be just like them!”