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Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Her Show’s Scandal In This Season’s Opener: ‘I Have Let Myself Down’

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This summer was a little different than most. For many, vacations were canceled. Plenty of us had to struggle to figure out how our children’s education would look in the fall. And Ellen DeGeneres spent the season trying to put the pieces of her show back together.

While Ellen’s ratings fell during her at-home segments, she was also shocked to realize that many people — from guests to her own staff — felt as if she was very meanspirited. Since her show promotes kindness, it was even more of an eyebrow-raiser for fans. However, so many accusations came in that it became hard to ignore. Ellen’s image took a hit, and it seemed as if it’d never recover.

Aside from that, several of the producers on the show were reportedly let go for sexual harassment and assault while on set. While it was a good move to create a safer environment, some staff felt as if it was too little, too late. All in all, fans wondered if Ellen would even come back to the daytime series. Rumors started that James Corden was lined up to fill the job if she were to walk away, or even get fired by the network. Ellen DeGeneres is a big part of NBC, making it even tougher. Aside from her show, she also works with the network’s series Ellen’s Game of Games.

However, Ellen is back and ready to make amends. Not only did she tearfully address and apologize to her staff, but she reportedly talked about what happened on the season premiere of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It may not be much. And, she may not get total forgiveness. But, it’s a step in the right direction. And, hopefully, more will change as the season progresses.

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