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Ellen DeGeneres’ Talk Show Reportedly Has A ‘More Positive and Enthusiastic’ Vibe

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Ellen DeGeneres is doing everything she can to help revive her show after rumors and allegations nearly destroyed it. After it was revealed that Ellen isn’t as kind as she portrays off-screen, she began losing her fanbase. The fact that multiple producers were fired from the show after engaging in sexual assault and harassment didn’t help. Around this time, there were also rumors that her staff was left clueless and unpaid after her show started taping from her home. In short, the host and comedian didn’t have a good summer.

While many people believe that she took action just to save face, the vibe on set seems remarkably better this year, according to sources. It may be too early to tell for sure. But, the improvements that were made may have been what was missing all along. One big change? “Ellen” distributor WarnerMedia finally hired an HR executive who’s there to work with the staff — and not the higher-ups. She reportedly is also offering employees some additional time off.

Supposedly, Ellen has made good with her promise to interact with the staff more. Prior to, rumors went around that you couldn’t look Ellen in the eye. While she never openly admitted that this was true, she vowed to end the rumor for good during a video call she had with her staff prior to the show’s return.

Watch the video to see more about the positive changes that Ellen is making.

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