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Emma Corrin Shares What Her Experience Transforming Into Princess Diana For ‘The Crown’ Was Like

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Season four of The Crown is almost here, and fans of the series cannot wait.

This season has piqued the interest of many. It ventures into Prince Charles’ relationship with Princess Diana. While so many recall how the real-life events played out, seeing this retelling is just as exciting.

At the center of it all is Emma Corrin. The 24-year-old actress scored the coveted role of the Princess of Wales. She talked to Entertainment Tonight about what it was like to become one-half of one of history’s most fascinating couples.

“I was sitting in front of a mirror and there was a picture of her behind me for reference,” Emma recalled of one day on set.

“I remember tilting my head in the same way during the wig fitting and everyone going ‘OH.’”

“It’s because we have such a clear memory of Diana, and so when Emma steps out with the wig and the amazing costumes, it was spooky, like really haunting, I thought” actor Josh O’Connor, who plays Charles, admitted.

Emma was well prepared for the role. She watched hours of footage of Diana from throughout the years. She even got the opportunity to meet with Diana’s former private secretary to learn what she was like behind closed doors.

Emma also enjoyed bringing the character to life through the iconic ’80s fashions we remember fondly.

“I just loved going in every day and there’d be a new, incredible costume hanging in my trailer. It was mad,” Emma said.

Her favorite, of course, was the exact replica of Di’s wedding dress she got a chance to wear. It wasn’t easy, however. The dress was as ornate and enormous as you remember. It took 10 people to help Emma into the replica.

Many members of the royal family have already condemned the show’s fictionalized retelling. Still, there’s a shred of hope that Harry and Meghan, who have a Netflix deal of their own, might tune in.

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