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Enthusiastic Gym-Goers Are Exercising On Playgrounds This Year And Parents Want Them To Stop

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For many of us, the gym is still a scary place to go. Between sweat, perspiration, and not being able to easily physically distance from other gym-goers, some gyms around the world have actually had to close for good.

However, that’ll never stop people from exercising. Although exercising is a healthy habit (and a great way to feel better if you’re under a lot of pressure this year), some parents are getting a little concerned due to the fact that many are starting to use playgrounds and playground equipment to get their workouts completed. While it’s good to make use of the equipment available to the public, it’s also tough if they’re competing with kids.

Children have been suffering as well this year, between schools changing and socialization becoming harder to accomplish. For many months this past spring and summer, playgrounds were off-limits. But as the nation started to open up, people realized that outside play doesn’t pose quite as many risks as indoor play.

However, it’s also a little alarming to see a grown man, shirtless and using the equipment for pull-ups. If you’re a parent who’s looking for a way for kids to burn off steam, having gym-goers hog the outdoor equipment may turn you away. Many gym classes are also taking place in community parks.

So are there ways to share the space? Some people have ideas on how everyone can exist in these spaces harmoniously. For one, it’s important to be respectful of where you work out. And keeping a distance is both the healthy and kind way to exercise in a playground. Watch the video to learn how else some fitness instructors are making this situation work for them.

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