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Every Soul Must Taste Death

We all are going to die one day so don’t be worried Death once Definitely comes whether it’s from Corona Or Any Disease Every Soul Must Taste Death!! When time is Over no matter if you are Old Young Aged Healthy Sick  you will die for Sure!!

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Yes it’s true this corona virus  pandemic reminds us that everything in this  world is temporary…it’s awaken us that we should follow the narrow road going to the right path to earth paradise. That we should ask that the HOLY  SPIRIT will guide us so that we overcome this pandemic covid.ONLY GOD who created us can cure our sickness.

To my opinion. This covid crisis is a wake up call for better treating and care for the wild life and help people in need. Especially homeless people.

This is a test of time…how we’ll manage ourselves without certain things surrounding our lives…we can get through this together….

Your home is the most relaxing place on this world.Try to stay home..

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