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Giving Yourself Flowers

Flowers can be more than a sincere gesture or a friendly offer to a friend in need.

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A new study, “The influence of flowers on perceived stress in women,” published by the University of North Florida, showed a statistically significant reduction in the level of perceived stress in individuals identified as women living at home The studies received flowers.

According to the study, 170 women aged 18 to 65 participated and were divided into three groups. 58 participants received a delivery of flowers at home. 55 received a luxury candle with the same approximate value as the flowers; and 57 others received no delivery. Participants were not informed of the purpose of the study and were randomly assigned to groups.

Each group conducted an online survey on their stress levels for 12 consecutive days. Those who received flowers or candles received them on the fifth or sixth day of the study.

On average, participants who received flowers reported a 5.5 point decrease in load compared to those who received a luxury candle or received nothing.

This is not the first study to show that flowers – and plants – can reduce the stress of everyday life.

According to a study by the American Chemical Society in 2009, the scents of various plants and flowers can reduce stress.

Plants and flowers have a reduction of stress. Many people will feel the positive effects of flowers more than just stress relief; However, not everyone can enjoy flowers because of allergies.

Another advantage of plants is that they contribute to the purification of the air. They in turn contribute to improving the quality of life. Try to buy seasonal and local flowers and plants to save money and protect the environment.

You can also consider a subscription service to ensure you get new plants and flowers every month to keep you fit over the long term.

Our culture has all kinds of strange ideas about giving and receiving flowers, many of which are associated with firm expectations of the sexes. Think about it: How many times did you see a scene in a movie or TV show where a man came looking for a woman with a bouquet of flowers in his hand? A lot.

You’ve probably already seen a whole series of scenes in which a woman gives a flower arrangement to another woman – a friend – for whatever reason: for example, as a sympathy or a congratulation. But how many times have you given a woman a flourishing man, either in a romantic situation or in a situation of platonic friendship? It is often limited to special occasions – think of a buttoniere during promos or weddings. In addition, these scenes completely remove non-binary people from the photo.

But more and more, the idea of ​​buying flowers – not just waiting for someone to give them – is becoming the norm. It is offered as a guide – as a recommended way to take care of yourself and to be friendly. And I think that this study underlies these suggestions: not only are flowers a reward for the “good” performance of femininity, and we do not have to consider it as improving mood and reducing stress, unless they are a gift from someone else; We can also give this gift.

So, hey. If you’ve struggled these days, get flowers, you deserve it. And you are absolutely worth it.