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God is always with us ๐Ÿ™

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Dear God, please wrap Your arms around my family and friends. Keep everyone in this world safe and protected from the harm we face. In recent days/weeks, weโ€™ve all been fearful and afraid of what is coming next. Itโ€™s so heartbreaking and draining to our souls to see what is happening in the world we live.

I thank You, because even when Iโ€™m feeling sad and unsure if I can go on, You give me the strength and wisdom to make it through another day. Please continue to hold us all in the grace of Your arms and in the mercy of Your care. Thank You again for being a comfort to my heart and being there for me on the darkest of days. I trust You are working hard to end this storm and place peace in our hearts. Amen

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