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Group Of Missouri Women Known As The ‘Kindergarten Squad’ Share Unique 76-Year Friendship

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This type of heartwarming story is definitely needed right now.

It’s about a special group of women, all in their 80s, who have shared an amazing bond ever since they were kids in kindergarten.

The “Kindergarten Squad” of Kansas City, Missouri, consists of Sue Karl, Dorothy Chamblin, Patricia Trembly, Barbara Tavanaro, and Philamina Hoffman.

The women first met as little girls in the fall of 1944 at Redemptorist Grade School. Over the years, they’ve celebrated weddings and births together. They’ve grieved the loss of loved ones together.

They’ve laughed, cried, and they’ve shared so many experiences — they’re one another’s chosen sorority sisters for life.

These ladies have endured the biggest and most challenging moments in history over the past 76 years, like World War II and 9/11. They agree that 2020 has been the craziest year of all, with its racial tensions, civil unrest, political uncertainty, and COVID-19.

“We have survived many things but to me this is the most upheaval that I can remember ever in my lifetime,” Dorothy told Fox4.

But no matter what, the Kindergarten Squad has managed to stay in touch with one another even if they haven’t been able to be together in person as much as they would like in recent months.

Watch the clip below to meet these awesome women. Good friends may be hard to find, but they’ve managed to keep their friendship going so strong for so long.

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