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‘Growing Pains’ Cast Recall Good Times With Alan Thicke On The 35th Anniversary Of Show’s Debut

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The cast of Growing Pains has a lot of fond memories of their time together.

The Seavers recently reunited virtually to celebrate 35 years since the show first aired. As they told Entertainment Tonight, celebrating the milestone without the late Alan Thicke is bittersweet.

“We’re just missing Alan. He always had us laughing, had me laughing,” said Joanna Kearns, who played Maggie Seaver.

“He was one of the most charming men I’d ever met. I think I was a little old for him … But we became really good friends. I saw him a week before he passed.”

Alan played the patriarch of the family, Dr. Jason Seaver. The actor died at 69 years old in December 2016 after suffering a heart attack while playing a game of hockey with his 19-year-old son.

“It’s been years now and I still reach for the phone occasionally, just thinking, ‘I haven’t talked to Alan in a while and want to say hi,’” Jeremy Miller, who played Ben, noted.

The Seavers graced TV screens across the country for seven seasons, starting in 1985.

“It’s unbelievable, unimaginable,” Tracey Gold, who played Carol, said.

“And yet it feels like yesterday in so many ways.”

Kirk Cameron, who played Mike, said coming to set always felt like coming home to a second family. He joked about how Alan would give him tips on how to talk to girls on set. It came in handy when he met his wife, Chelsea Noble, when she appeared on the show.

“Well, I knew that I had to talk to Chelsea before he talked to Chelsea,” Kirk laughed.

“And I’m really glad that I did. It worked out really well for me personally, and here we are 29 years later with six kids.”

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