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Have you ever had a friend that was your husband’s mistress but you didn’t know?

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My ex introduced me to his mistress AND her husband. The four of us went out to dinner a few times, and she started to call me to “chat” and would stop by our home with her daughter.

During these few months, my ex was “working lots of OT” which normally didn’t get paid out until about 4–6 weeks late. So, it took a few months, before I started questioning him about the lack of OT pay, and telling him he needed to follow up with HR… This was my first clue.

Then, she and her husband hosted this “art” show in their home and invited us. First time we were ever invited to their home. They lived in one of those neighborhoods with lots of twists and turns.

My ex made such an exaggerated deal about following the directions ( this was 20 years ago before GPS and cell phones)- it was weird. Watching him in her home- my senses tingled. He’d been there before, I knew it!

Waited til we got home and confronted him. Yup.

Yes, that she had been pretending to be my friend while having an affair with my husband hurt more. My ex said he’d stop seeing her and I said I’d keep the whole thing secret.

But, another few months, I snapped. I called her at work and threatened to tell her husband. I never intended to, I just wanted her to sweat it out.

But, she believed me, and told him herself. They divorced.

Another few months, and I decided I was done trying to fix things with my ex. So, he moved in with her ( turns out he’d never stopped seeing her all those months we were in counseling).

They ended up marrying. Years later, she cheated on him and divorced him. Then her new husband left her.

I’m happily married now, and they are both alone.

Best thing they ever did to me.