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Here Are The 11 Best Cyber Monday Deals Online Right Now That You Don’t Want To Miss

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Back when malls were still a huge part of the holiday, the world really needed Cyber Monday. In 2005, when it was created, many people still didn’t trust the computer when it came to shopping. Since so many new businesses only had an online presence, that became slightly problematic when it came to holiday sales.

These days, things have changed completely. Malls are still mobbed, but it’s nothing like the chaos from just a decade ago. And Cyber Monday has gotten bigger than ever. Probably because two full days of sales and discounts never hurt anyone. Since some of today’s biggest retailers don’t have a large storefront presence (like Amazon and Etsy), it’s a way for them to celebrate the season.

Cyber Monday is even better than Black Friday. You don’t have to worry about parking spaces, or mob scenes, or even grabbing too much on impulse. Sure, you might not have the rush of Black Friday shopping. But by planning a Cyber Monday date with your computer, you can compare prices and search a store’s inventory without stress. (At least, too much stress.) If you and someone else are mutually shopping for a friend or family member? Even better. You can easily share some of your finds and collaborate on your holiday list together.

As today is officially Cyber Monday, here are the best deals you can find online — with some in places you might not expect.

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