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How Fast Can You Spot ALL Of The 8’s Hiding In This Picture?

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A viral challenge is taking the internet by storm and users can’t agree on the number of 8’s they can see.

In the picture below, you will see several eights positioned closely to each other. Your job is to try and find out how many 8’s are hiding in the picture.

While your task sounds simple, keep in mind that the number of eights is much higher than four even though that’s all one can spot at first glance.

Take another look at the picture before sharing your final answer in the comments!

In the pictures below, we have marked all 8’s that one can find hiding in the puzzle. As it happens, there are NINE 8’s scattered across the gray background in the picture.

Five eights can be seen standing, whereas one is located in the center of the pic. Don’t forget to also turn the picture around to see additional four numbers of the kind.