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How Quickly Can You Find The Dog’s Owner In This Picture? 90% Of People Couldn’t See It!

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Here is a dog-themed brain teaser that will give your brain a big boost! How fast can you find the dog’s owner in this picture?

If you didn’t see the owner at first glance, do not worry, as most challengers also failed to see the man in this tricky brainteaser.

But the pooch’s favorite human is right there and once you see him, it is impossible to unsee his figure!

Do you think you can find him? If you’ve been searching for the owner for some time now, consider looking away from the photo and try again with fresh eyes! You might also want to rotate the picture 90 degrees to the right.

Have you spotted the owner this time? If not, scroll down to see the answer! Are you sure you don’t want to try to search for the owner on your own? There’s no turning back now! Here’s the dog’s owner in the picture!

And here’s the owner as seen from another perspective for those who are still not sure what they’re looking at.