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How To Clean Your Sunglasses Using Nothing But Lip Balm

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Lip balm is the unofficial MVP of summer beauty products, hands down. It’s useful for so much more than soothing chapped lips, from moisturizing skin to taming flyaways. Oh, and did I mention it can also be used to restore your sunglasses’ shine? Yes, really.

This life hack is simple: Just take your favorite sunglasses — the ones that have gotten super grimy after months of sweaty summertime use — and rub a plain, waxy lip balm directly onto each side of the lens. Wipe it around with a clean cloth. When you’re done, your lenses will not only be clean and free of the aforementioned grime but also protected from future gunk, with the lip balm serving as a protective barrier. (Bonus: It prevents your lenses from fogging up, too!)

Sound too good to be true? It’s not: Dr. Nita Landry demonstrated the nifty trick on a recent segment of The Doctors.

It’s “like waxing your car,” her co-host Dr. Andrew Gordon observed. “I wonder if this would work on my Bentley.”

Honestly, it might! Lip balm has been proven to clean other surfaces, including computer screens. Unfortunately for Dr. Andrew, though, no lip balm is large enough to clean an entire Bentley cost-effectively. Womp womp.

Try this hack on your own sunglasses and let us know how it works out!

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