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How To Grow Long and Thicken Hair Faster With Onion & Potato

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You need:

1. One Potato
2. One Onion
3. One egg
4. One tbsp of honey

Making the concoction:

Step 1– Peel the onion and potato and chop them. Grind them both to make a mixture.
Step 2– Sift out the pieces of potato and onions from the juice prepared.
Step 3– Mix a raw egg in the blend.
Step 4– Mix it well
Now massage it on your scalp
Leave it For 1 hours.
Then wash your hair with shampoo.

To get best result apply it 2 times in a week

Onions contain sulfur and potatoes contain vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc and iron.
Therefore, both can enhance hair growth and make the hair stronger.
Apart from that, the egg has nutrients essential for the scalp
And honey gives shine to the hair.

There are several possible reasons that might lead to hair associated problems. Let’s list down a few:


Air pollution is extremely harmful not just for the hair but also for the entire body. All the smoke, dust and noxious chemicals settle on the hair and scalp. This results in dandruff, itching, hair fall, and color damage.

Using hair products a bit too frequently:

As they say, “Too much of anything is bad.” Hair products, like shampoos, conditioners, gels, sprays, etc, all contain strong chemicals. If they are misused they will definitely cause problems for the hair