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Husky ‘Ruins’ Christmas Photos With Disapproving Frown, And Still Looks Adorable

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If you’ve ever taken family holiday photos, you may know how difficult it is to get everyone looking merry and bright.

For dog owner Jasmine, who runs the site Snowdog Guru, getting her husky, Anuko, to look excited for Christmas is a difficult task. He never quite appears like he’s in the holiday spirit.

The dog mom posted a series of photos on Instagram of her husky wearing a festive holiday scarf and a pair of cute reindeer antlers. Since, due to his fur markings, Anuko has a perpetually unimpressed face, the photos turned out quite funny.

“I think his grumpy look makes people who love Christmas laugh and people who despise Christmas relate,” Jasmine told LittleThings.

In each photo, it looks like Anuko is saying, “I’m over it!” And while he may look like a grinch on the outside, he’s actually a loving companion to Jasmine.

“I got Anuko because I was very depressed and suicidal years ago,” she explained to LittleThings. “You could say he saved my life or, at the very least, changed it for the better.”

People from all over the world can’t get enough of his disapproving look while his mom snapped photos. Thousands of people liked and commented on the photos, saying just how hilarious they are.

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