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I Made A Christmas Cookie Sugar Body Scrub And It Was A Sweet Treat For My Skin

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Have you ever used a sugar scrub? If you have, then you know how delightful the sweet treatment can be. If you haven’t taken advantage of the natural skin care option that feels just as wonderful as you imagine it would taste, this is your chance to find out what you’ve been missing.

Ideal for exfoliating your skin, sugar scrubs are a gentle alternative to more abrasive scrubs that can irritate and even hurt. Along with removing dirt and dead skin, sugar scrubs are often mixed with oils to provide your skin with nourishing moisture.

With this in mind — and thanks to the fact that winter isn’t terribly kind to my skin — I decided it was time to indulge in a much-needed sugar scrub. And while they’re often offered in spas as an alternative to salt scrubs for those who have sensitive skin or just prefer a more comfortable version, I wanted to try making my own DIY mixture. I had previously come across a few seemingly simple online recipes in the past and liked the idea of fine-tuning the mixture so that I would get something that perfectly suited me.

Since it was getting close to the holidays, I based my mixture This N’ That With Olivias Christmas Cookie Sugar Scrub recipe, putting my own twist on the scrub based on my personal preference. This recipe is a great base for any sort of variation you prefer. Make your changes along ongoing seasonal themes to create amazing scrubs not only for the end-of-the-year holiday but also for Valentine’s Day, summertime, and even birthdays.

Ideal to make for a DIY gift or for yourself to indulge in a little seasonal self-care, you definitely need to try this Christmas cookie sugar body scrub.

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