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I Made My Own Holiday Wreath To Give My Winter Decor Some DIY Flair

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making a holiday wreath

Everyone has a completely different style when it comes to holiday decorations. Some people go traditional, channeling that homey, family feeling with the same setup every year. Others prefer to go modern and take on the year’s trends with their own personal touches. Regardless of your holiday decorating style, there seems to be one piece of holiday decor that’s made a big comeback on the DIY circuit: holiday wreaths.

When you think of wreaths, you probably think of a Christmas tree trimmed down into a circle, hung on your front door. Those are the wreaths of yesteryear, ladies and gentleman. Thanks to the crafting comeback the internet has given us, wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore. In fact, there’s a wreath tutorial for just about every holiday on the calendar. These DIY projects look cute and too easy to pass up, but I have yet to find an occasion for making my own wreath.

Somewhere in the days after Thanksgiving, I woke up to find my house decorated. Among the decorations were two shiny, store-bought wreaths made out of tinsel. They’re very cute and festive, but they seemed to be missing something… a friend! I decided now was as good a time as any to make my wreath-making debut.

Deciding on what style to go with was, I kid you not, a stress fest. I was battling my type A instincts that said all the holiday decorations in my house had to match perfectly. I decided instead to browse around the internet until I saw something that jumped out at me. I did just that, and eventually I found the Happy Housie’s “Let It Snow” wreath. While Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday, my favorite thing about winter is the snow. When I realized this wreath could outlive all the holiday decor, I knew it was the right one for me.

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