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I See a Mom.

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I’ve carried a child within my body. Slept with them on my chest. I’ve kissed little toes and wiped away tears. I’ve been vomited on, peed on, and spent sleepless nights cradling my crying child, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My body isn’t magazine ‘perfect’, but when I look in the mirror I see a MOM, and there is no great honor, love, or blessing.


Carrying a baby within your body does not make you a Mom, some people aren’t that fortunate to carry a child but they’re still a wonderful mother! This is exactly what being a Mom is all about! I wouldn’t change a single thing about parenthood. I loved it then and love it now! My adult children are now all parents of awesome children of their own, and I am now a grandmother! I never thought there would be an any better feeling. I still love being a Mom and Grandma!


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