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I Went On a Holiday Scavenger Hunt And Found The Seasonal Spirit In My Neighborhood

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Life can definitely get busy around the holidays. Between shopping for presents, decorating the tree, baking treats, attending parties, and keeping up with normal day-to-day responsibilities, not to mention showing up for work, it can be all too easy to forget to take a few moments to enjoy the merry season.

With that in mind, I wanted to find an activity that I could do with my family that would give us an opportunity to spend some time together. Bonus points for anything that would get us out of the house, and if it was holiday-themed, then I’d be beyond thrilled.

I started to scan the internet for some inspiration and came across a holiday scavenger hunt created by Lauren on her Talk of the Trains blog. She had gotten the idea from a challenge created by the Dating Divas. Both used their own lists as well as their own guidelines for the hunt, and both seemed to have a heck of a lot of fun. I was sold on the idea!

I was also well aware of the fact that there are at least two families in my neighborhood who go all out when it comes to decorating — we’re talking about giant inflatables, nearly every festive pop culture character you can think of, and even a Santa hanging from the roof (yes, of course I snapped a pic of that one). I hadn’t been by their houses to check out what additions they’d made to their displays this year, but I had no doubt that they would have a few of the items we’d be looking for during our scavenger hunt.

However, it turned out that my printer was out of ink (arg!), so I couldn’t print out either list I had found. So I decided to make my very own list for a fun-filled scavenger hunt that my family could enjoy together.

Although this would be a perfect activity for Christmas Eve and would be just as fun at night when all the lights are lit up, I wanted to try our scavenger hunt right away and thought we might be able to spot a few more items while the sun was still up.

Eager to get going, I jotted down some decorations I thought we might be able to find and told my family about the idea. They were just as excited as I was, so off we went!

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