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If You Are Heartbroken, Trust That God Has Someone Better For You.

When relationships have seemingly failed and dating seems hopeless, it’s easy to lose faith in the idea that there’s someone special in the world just for you. This is indeed a test of faith, but it is important to remember God has indeed created a person for you. When your faith in God’s plan starts to falter, keep these three simple reminders in mind.

Fear Not

In Genesis, we learn about the story of creation. When God creates Adam, He is aware there is a need for a companion. That spurs the creation of Eve.

It is a spiritual proof that God is very conscious of our desire to love and share our life with others. After all, it is God who has given us the gift of love and companionship in the form of other people and animals. Therefore, it is not surprising that we need a life partner.

And if God had the foresight to create Eve for Adam, he had the same thing when it came to creating you. Remember that God is not one to forget. So you do not have to worry that he skipped a step.

By the way, he tells us a lot more evidence in his words: “Do not be afraid, I am with you.” We have God. The more we are convinced that fear is less likely to transcend our belief that God really has someone for us. He may just want us to learn our lessons and love ourselves before allowing this union.

Failure Is A Mirror

Speaking of learning our lessons, that’s typically the purpose of those “failed” relationships. In fact, there’s no such thing as failure when it comes to romance (or friendships, for that matter). What may be perceived as failure is actually just a mirror for us to see where growth and healing is needed. Though it can be difficult to look at, this accurate reflection is a necessary one and it’s something to be grateful for with regard to relationships that didn’t work out.

These provide the educational opportunities we need to progress on our personal journey and motivate us for our soul mission. In addition, they contribute to the personal preparation necessary to prepare ourselves for our life partner – the one God has in mind for us as soon as we are ready.

Find Yourself, Find The One

People often think they’re ready to find their soulmate. They believe it to be true because they’re tired of being alone or are in a place in their life where it seems necessary or natural to settle down.

However, being ready in God’s eyes is about being capable. And, in case there’s any confusion, capability to find and love another requires finding and loving yourself.

God wants us to find ourselves first and love each other before we have our soul mate. In other words, God does not prevent us from entering. we are. If we do not love each other first, we will not be able to love anyone else, and the mirror – any other meaningful mirror – will reflect it.

So when relationships fail, it does not mean that your love life is hopeless or that God has forgotten to create your partner. It simply means that you must remember that God has given you free will. It does not place you as pieces on a board. They make decisions.

When you see that the results of your decisions do not give you what you want, it’s time to look at yourself and see what you could do differently, not with God. It’s time to put aside your fear, look closely at the mirror of past relationships, pay attention to lessons, do the work on yourself and love yourself completely. Only then are you ready for this special person.


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