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I’m A 36-Year Old Woman And This Is How It Went When I Tried To Make New Mom-Friends Online

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At the age of 36, I’ve taken pride in the fact that I’ve maintained many healthy friendships. Sure — literally every good friend of mine lives in a different state from me. But, I’m making it work. Well, sort of.

I was born and raised in New Jersey, went to college in Pennsylvania, and currently live in Maryland. The Maryland move was due to a job transfer from my husband. Never before did I assume we’d end up here, but things have been pretty good. Especially because hardshell crabs are the absolute best. The one downfall? Most of my friends are elsewhere on the East Coast. While I do my best to text and catch up, sometimes it can be tough. Because there’s another big difference between my good friends and me — I’m the only one with a kid. I don’t have mom friends. I have a couple of acquaintances that happen to be moms, but zero local mom friends that I can call up and immediately schedule something with.

My daughter is 3, and literally my favorite person. Being a mom wasn’t something I always imagined for myself, but I’m happy that life took me in the direction it did. That said, I still remember life prior to having a child. Usually, I kind of nodded kindly when someone showed me baby photos. I didn’t understand milestones. I still can’t read ultrasounds. And, honestly? I wasn’t a natural. My own child is the third, and currently last, baby I’ve ever held in my life.

There’s so much I can chat about with my friends, but usually, I feel bad going on and on about the mom stuff. Because I remember how it made me feel. Yes, my friends have an interest in my daughter. But would they care about the fact that she’s (finally) eating more vegetables? Of course not. Nor would they understand the trouble of a picky eater. And that’s why I knew it was finally time to make some mom-friends. In-person, in Maryland, and on my own.

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