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Keep your eyes on the Blessings

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Instead of looking at what’s depressing, look at what’s a blessing  -Kristen Butler
The mind is a very powerful thing !! People dealing with depression should remember this quote! 
Keep your eyes on the Blessings.  There are more for you than against you.  
People would stop looking at what is depressing to them and count their blessings look what they have in their life to know they’ve been blessed they would become less depressed and more blessed.
Thank you God for everything, I look at all the blessings too numerous to mention. Thank you God for everything. Count your blessings every day – they’re there.  It makes all the difference 💗
There’s an age old expression “count your blessings”.  This is how our parents of the “Great Generation” dealt with things like the depression. They were simply living in gratitude, which is a great gift to all ages💖  Life is always better than our simple minds can perceive in the moment😀

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