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Kids Prefer To Spend More Time With Their Grandparents More Than Their Parents

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Have you ever wondered why your kids are always excited to know when they will visit their grannies? Even thought why they’d bawl their eyes whenever it’s time to go home after spending time with grandpa. Well, it’s because that, they prefer spending time with their grandparents than their parents.

Nowadays, the father and the mother need to go to work to earn money to cover their living. So they leave their child with their grandparent.

There are three reasons why they prefer spending time with their grandparents.

Firstly, they were spoiled. Grandparents have freedom to spoil their kid in such a way because quite honestly, they are not the parents , they can simply give the kids back without  having to deal with consequence.

Secondly, Grandparents often give their grandchildren little gifts; they do not need to cost much, but say children are valuable, wanted and important,

and finally, their grandma made food that more delicious than what they got a home.

True to the old adage, “Grandparents may hold your tiny hands for a little while, but they hold your heart forever,” the time kids spend with their grandparents, take up the biggest and the happiest memory of their childhood.