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Learn your past

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Imagine meeting someone who wanted to learn your past not to punish you, but to understand how you needed to be loved.

Many people are quick to judge and make assumptions, it’d be far simpler and less complicated if we take out our opinion,  be there just to listen and be kind and caring ❤️

I wish back then that I knew someone and they would give me support but unfortunatly, i didnt.  I had to learn the hard way. but thank God and my family, my life is so much better, no more drama. Imagine meeting someone who actually wanted to take the time to understand you. Too many get too comfortable in a relationship and just start taking it for granted. They stop trying. 

You love someone by listening, supporting, and being there for them without judgement. You accept them as they are, the good, the bad and everything in-between and their best.

Just be careful. Others will only sound like it. Only acts like they really care. Later than you know, you’re trapped. I learned my lesson the hard way.

It’s like finding diamonds 💎 in dirt. Good luck with that. Most people enjoy investigating trying to find out how to judge you by your past. Or see if they’re fitting with you instead of respecting your past and not scared themselves by your past. Honestly it’s great to find someone kind and mindful 🎭

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