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Lenny Kravitz Opens Up About Co-Parenting With Ex-Wife Lisa Bonet And Jason Momoa

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Lenny Kravitz appreciates the love Lisa Bonet brought into his life, even if they’re no longer together.

Lenny and Lisa are some of the tightest exes we’ve ever seen. Seventeen years after their split, Lenny still feels like Lisa is the female version of him.

“There’s no explanation for it. We experienced a very deep love that still carries on to this day, just in a different way,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

“My life with Lisa helped to open the portal that I needed opened. Everything I’d lived up to that point was stored inside of me, but because of the love we had, the friends we had and the whole scene around us that we created, I was able to open up and let everything I had experienced in my life come out onto that first album, Let Love Rule.

The two were married for six years before calling it quits in 1993. There’s never been much distance between the exes, however, who co-parented 31-year-old daughter Zoë Kravitz.

“We created such an exceptional human being,” Lenny said of their daughter.

“I’m so proud to be Zoë’s dad and that God saw it fit for us to all experience each other. It’s been the most beautiful gift.”

Lenny also has an incredible bond with Lisa’s husband, Jason Momoa. “We all love each other and we all support each other,” Lenny said.

“[Jason’s] a big teddy bear. He’s a kid at heart and that’s why I love him. We really love each other. We’re not only family, but friends.”

Lenny’s new memoir, Let Love Rule, explores the relationships in his life, as well as his experience growing up biracial. It’s available on October 6.

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