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Loyal dog waits on bridge for days, after watching owner jump into the river

You may have witnessed several instances of loyalty and dedication, but few could match up to the love and commitment that an adorable mongrel demonstrated for his owner after the owner took their own life.

Although dogs are widely recognized as one of the most committed and loyal companions, this young pup really melted everyone’s heart when he not only waited for the owner for days but refused to leave that spot.

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Source: SAPA, Wuhan China

On the first of June, while the repair work was going on at the bridge of Yangtze River in the vibrant city of Wuhan, China…the staff on the shift could not help but notice this forlorn light-haired dog.

The dog simply ignored the vibrancy of life all around him and kept staring at the river through the bridge rails. It seemed as if life suddenly stopped for that dog as his owner ended his life by committing suicide.

According to some reports, some of the locals tried to help that poor dog but had little success. We have known the affectionate bond that a dog shares with his owner, but nothing matches this heart touching story.

This dog was taken aback and still in a deep state of trauma and shock at witnessing his owner jump from that bridge.

Source: SAPA, Wuhan China

On 5th of June, one of the residents, Mr. Xu, tried his best to get the dog to have some food or water but he also was not successful. As reported in Chutian Metropolis Daily, Mr. Xu said “I really wanted to rescue it, but it was way too faithful to accept,”.

Mr. Xu expressed that he intended to not only help that dog have some nourishment but find him a nice home, however, he soon realized that the dog was in a deep state of mourning.

Source: SAPA, Wuhan China

The dog simply declined all the gracious attempts of help from others and was not interested in leaving the spot he last saw his owner jump from. It was evident that all this loyal dog wanted was to be able to cuddle his owner once again.

The bond that pets (especially dogs) share with their owners is not only immensely strong but the pet also undergoes trauma and severe pain at the loss of owner (through accident, natural death, or suicide). Moreover, suicide evidently brings a sudden and immense shock and state of confusion that this loyal dog depicted.

Source: SAPA, Wuhan China

Stories of this impeccable love and dedication by this dog, circulated around the town, and eventually, authorities had to be involved and Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, (SAPA) was called to the rescue.

It was a surprise and heart-warming instance of love for everyone in the town. To witness a dog as loyal, who would refuse all help and would just wait for his owner to come back.

Du Fan (the director of SAPA), rushed to the rescue of this dog and was finally successful. As heartbreaking as it sounds, it fortifies the belief in the existence of pure love and also re-emphasizes the precious bond that dogs share with their owners.

However, the grief in the eyes of that dog was undeniable as he kept staring with affection and longing at the River Yangtze. According to reports by the local police, a man was seen jumping from the Yangtze river bridge on May 30th, a sad fact that corroborates with the story.  It is traumatizing to witness how confused and aggrieved that dog remained.

Source: SAPA, Wuhan China

According to Du Fan, director SAPA, they are still trying hard to find a second home for that loyal dog as it doesn’t seem fair by any means to let such an adorable creature go astray on the streets.