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Makeup Artist Transforms Woman’s Back Into Incredible Portrait Of Elsa From ‘Frozen’

If you have kids (and maybe even if you haven’t) you’ve most definitely see the movie Frozen. In fact, you’ve probably seen it more than once, along with the sequel which just came to theaters recently. But while you might know the lyrics to “Let It Go” by heart and might even find yourself singing it in the shower or in your sleep, and you could most certainly identify which character sings it, and you’ve likely seen Elsa everywhere from on balloons to basketballs, you’ve never seen her quite like this before.

There’s a lot of artwork from the film out there, especially that includes the main characters — Anna and Elsa. But an artist just elevated Elsa to a whole new level with her incredible body art. For one, she used a different kind of canvas for her artwork — a woman’s back. On it, she painted the film’s main character, Elsa. Not only is it incredibly realistic in that it looks pretty much exactly like the character for the film, the end result is just so amazing. It practically jumps out at you. It’s almost as if you are looking at a 3D version of the character, rather than a painting.

The Serbian make-up artist created the stunning work of art on December 15. She’s clearly incredibly skilled. The whole video is pretty cool to watch but you definitely want to make sure you watch to the very end to see Elsa pop right off the screen.

Check out the incredible work of art!

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