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Man Dives Into Hole To Capture Creature And Yanks Out A Huge Crab

Australia is notoriously known for its rare and incredible wildlife. A lot of these animals grow to unbelievable sizes, and in the video below, you will see one of those shocking creatures. In the clip, a man filmed a wildlife enthusiast showing off a trick to catch a crab.

But this is Australia we’re talking about, so this wasn’t just any old crab.

Beau Greaves lives in the outback of Queensland. One just has to look through his Facebook page to see the amazing animals the wildlife enthusiast encounters all the time.

In the video below, Beau revealed one of his tried-and-true tricks that he learned living in the remote outback.

In order to lure and catch the crab he sought, Beau explained that he would take a stick and shove it into the mud hole in which the crab lived. The stick would rile it up to the point that it would come closer in order to be grabbed.

The technique started out as planned, but Beau soon realized that he would have to dig in deeper into the hole.

Before long, his legs were the only parts of him still outside the hole! Talk about fearless!

During this time, the man behind the camera was pretty calm… that is, until Beau emerged from the hole and showed his catch.

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