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Marriage Doesn’t Guarantee it will last Forever, it’s only Paper

Marriage doesn’t guarantee it will last forever, it’s only paper. It takes Love, Respect, Trust, Understanding, Friendship, and Faith to make it last.

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Getting married is a significant event in everyone’s life. It is the commitment between the two and is confirmed by the law.

However, getting married does not ensure a happy life forever after. It is simply a commitment paper.

A long happy marriage depends on whether two people are building it, cherish it, or not.

When two people come from 2 different families, environments; they have different characters. By getting married to each other, it means they have to live to the differences of each other. And, disagreement is something inevitable.

Marriage life is not just gathering two people, it also ties up other relationships around them such as family, friends, jobs…. A part of or most of the free life before marriage will be surely changed.

The husband and the wife must love, respect, understand, and believe in each other so that everything can be blended. They also need to treat each other as friends as well as each one needs to be faithful to the other. Those tips are the key to ensure a long happy marriage.