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Martha Stewart Debuts A New Look On Instagram And The Youth Are Into It: ‘Slay, Auntie Martha!!’

Martha Stewart always likes to keep things interesting, and this definitely extends to her personal style. She recently debuted a new look on Instagram, and her audience was all over it.

In the photo, Martha is photographing herself while looking into a mirror. She captioned it, “Oh boy! What a great new haircut can do!!!! Thanks @hairbyeugenetoye @ritahazan and of course makeup by @daisybeautytoye Ready for a slew of holiday parties!!!!Iphone case by @bandolier courtesy @Jamie Leigh Curtis hair colorist always @ParvinKlein @salonatbergdorf.”

Her fans were effusive in their praise. One commenter called her an “ageless icon,” while another simply said “Glamazon.” Martha appears to appeal to a wide demographic, as commenters were from a spectrum of ages.

Martha has recently been in the news throughout the ongoing college admissions scandal of 2019. Earlier this year, she was asked for words of advice for the defendants who have received jail time or who face it. Martha had her own stint in federal prison back in 2004, when she served five months for insider trading.

Unfortunately for Felicity Huffman and others, Martha was not remotely interested in giving advice. She said, “I don’t want to comment on that sad situation because it’s a mess. It will continue to be a mess until it’s fixed.”

However, Martha did go on the record at least once on the topic with Entertainment Tonight back in September 2019. In a previous interview, she said, “If you believe in yourself, everything will be fine.”

One thing that’s not a mess? Auntie Martha.

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