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Midday Fix: Que Burger | WGN-TV

Michael Reid,  Executive Chef

Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap

41 E. Superior St
Chicago, IL 60611


-New Year’s Day PJ Brunch – Wednesday, January 1 

The brunch will feature a Chef’s Table – pancakes, breakfast sausage, eggs, cereal bar, giant jenga, board games, hang over brunch with PJs with a bloody mary bar, beer-mosa and mimosa bar in keg room. Cost is $10.00 per person and $7.00 for build your own bar.

-12 Burgers of Christmas. Through December 24.

1 – Beyond BBQ: BBQ season beyond burgers, sweet pickles, cheddar, on a pretzel bun

2 – Hawaii Five-O: housemade hand-packed beef patty, griddled Spam, charred pineapple, Monterey Jack, butter lettuce, and Sriracha Mayo. Served on a brioche bun with fresh hand-cut fries.

3 – The Cubano: 6oz. burger patty topped with Swiss cheese, crispy pork, ham, pickles, and creole mustard. Served with hand-cut fries.

4 – PacWest Umami: red miso infused beef, caramelized cremini mushrooms, togarashi mayo, watercress, on an onion roll.

5 – The Hot Italian: a hand-packed beef patty topped with griddled mortadella, hot capicola, provolone, marinated fresh mozzarella, and roasted pepper salad with giardiniera mayo.

6 – Chicken Chorizo: a pan-seared half-pound chicken-chorizo burger topped with avocado crema, charred corn pick de gallo, lettuce and tomato. Served on a brioche bun with fresh-cut fries.

7 – The Steakhouse Burger: Roquefort, baby portabella mushrooms, truffle-garlic mayo with crispy fried onions and house steak sauce.

8 – Tex-Mex Turkey Burger: turkey burger with melted pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, carrot-habanero salsa, avocado, and BBQ corn tortilla strips.

9 – Gyro Burger: fresh ground “lamburger” patty with savory herbs and garlic topped with butter lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber sauce, feta, and olive tapenade.

10 – Meatball Burger – Jake’s signature patty blended with traditional meatball spices, topped with provolone cheese, marinara, and served on a garlic toasted roll.

11 – Jacked Up Juicy Lucy: cheddar-bacon stuffed beef burger patty, topped with our beer-battered onion ring then toped again with BBQ ranch dressing and served with lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun with hand-cut fries.

12 – Que Burger: 6oz fresh hand-packed burger patty wrapped in bacon and dusted with BBQ spice then hickory smoked. It’s then grilled to order and topped with cheddar cheese, smoked pulled pork, crispy onion strings, and Jake’s BBQ sauce. Served on a brioche bun with fresh hand-cut fries.


Jake Melnick’s ‘Que Burger


1 Each ‘Que Burger Patty (Recipe Below)
1 ½ Ounces Pulled Pork (Recipe Below)
1 Ounce Beer Battered Onion Strings (Recipe Below)
1 Each Brioche Bun
2 Slices Dill Pickles
1 Slice Cheddar Cheese
1 Fluid Ounce BBQ Sauce



  1. Grill on Preheated and Seasoned Griddle until Desired Meat Temperature is Reached
  2. Place Cheddar Cheese on Burger and Place on Toasted Bun
  3. Top with Pulled Pork, Onion Strings, and BBQ Sauce

For ‘Que Burger Patty:

6 Ounces 80/20 Ground Beef
½ Teaspoon BBQ Rub or Seasoning
4 Slices Regular-Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon
To Taste Kosher Salt and Ground Black Pepper



  1. Mix Ground Beef and BBQ Seasoning and Form into a 6-Ounce Hamburger Patty
  2. Lay Bacon Flat on a Cutting Board, 2×2 Intersecting; and Wrap Burger Patty
  3. Smoke at 200 Degrees Fahrenheit for 20 Minutes (if desired, or just grill/cook until desired meat temperature is reached)


For Jake Melnick’s Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder:

8 Pounds Bone-In Pork Shoulder
8 Tablespoons BBQ Rub or Seasoning
4 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
To Taste Kosher Salt and Ground Black Pepper



  1. Mix BBQ Seasoning and EVOO into a Thick Paste
  2. Rub Liberally All Over the Pork Shoulder, Making Sure to Reach into Natural Folds and Contours
  3. Smoke at 210 Degrees Fahrenheit for 14 Hours
  4. Allow Meat to Rest, Remove Shoulder Bone and Carefully Pull Meat Apart by Hand

For Beer Battered Onion Strings:

1 Cup All Purpose Flour
1 Teaspoon Parsley, Chopped
¼ Teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 Teaspoon Oregano, Dried
¼ Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
½ Teaspoon Kosher Salt
¼ Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
1 ½ Cup IPA Beer
½ Cup Spanish Onions, Very Thinly Sliced



  1. Whisk all Dry Ingredients Together in Mixing Bowl
  2. Whisk in the IPA Beer until a Smooth Batter Forms
  3. Batter the Onion Slices and Fry in Oil at 350 Degrees Fahrenheit until Golden-Brown and Crispy