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Mom chooses son’s birth over own treatment, dies just 3 months after losing her newborn too

While life can be inspiringly beautiful at times, it can also be bitterly cruel. It’s part of what makes it such a journey, I guess, the unpredictability of it all.

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Brianna Rawlings was 18-years-old, 17-weeks pregnant, and looking forward to becoming a mom, when she was dealt a devastatingly harsh blow.

Doctors diagnosed the teenager with a rare and aggressive blood cancer, NK cell leukemia. Before that, all signs of leukemia were simply passed off by hospitals and doctors as “pregnancy related symptoms.”
Almost halfway through her pregnancy, Brianna had the option to either terminate her baby’s life and begin the treatment that could save her life, or push on with delivering her son and forego the treatment in the hope he would live a healthy and happy life …

The young girl chose not to undergo treatment while pregnant, and instead focused on bringing her son in the world. In a tragic twist of affairs, however, it would transpire that her sacrifice would result in claiming the lives of both mother and baby.

Her son, Kyden, lived for just 12 short days on this earth. He was showered with enough love to last the longest of lifetimes, but ultimately succumbed due to the fact he was born three-months premature.

Brianna had contracted a blood infection, and with doctors worried it might be passed on to the baby, they were forced to deliver little Kyden via emergency C-section.

Brianna revealed in an interview with Femail – as per the Daily Mail – : “Those 12 days I was able to spend with my baby boy Kyden, holding him, counting his toes and fingers and talking to him like I would when he was in my tummy. They were just so special, they were the best 12 days of my life!”

“It’s been very hard, long, exhausting and painful,” she continued. “Even though Kyden is no longer with us he gave me the strength to go on and beat this.

“I want to beat this horrible disease. I believe I can do this and I made a promise to my son.”

At first, it genuinely seemed as though Brianna was getting better.

Her blood levels had begun to rise and she was working herself to the max in a bid to get her leg muscles to work once more.

Sadly, things took another turn for the wretched. Her condition steadily began to deteriorate, forcing doctors to cancel the bone marrow transplant they had scheduled for her to receive from her brother.

Instead, they introduced her to a trial drug they hoped would give her a better chance at survival.

Despite the treatment costing an eye-watering $3,000 a week, her family were able to raise the necessary funds so she could begin a consistent course.
They managed just two rounds of the drug before the cancer took her life.

19-year-old Brianna Rawlings lost her fight with leukemia on Dec. 29, 2018 – but she fought and eventually passed with a brave dignity few of us can ever hope to match.

Such amazing testimony of the deepest love someone can have.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brianna Rawlings’ family. I think she is a wonderful person. She tried hard for her baby.

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Together, we can hopefully beat this terrible disease!