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Mom Of 8 Sits Down To Watch Her Kids’ Famous ‘Christmas Dance,’ Then She Decides To Join Them

As the Christmas season quickly hits its full stride, we’re seeing more and more videos focusing on families celebrating the holiday in their own special way. Some people like to put up intricate light shows all over their houses, like the man who decorated his whole house in the most patriotic way possible, these people love Christmas so much and want the whole neighborhood to know about it! In lieu of a Christmas card, the Orgill family decided to rehearse and film an amazing little Christmas dance video for their whole family. This close-knit family must have gone through hours of practice in order to pull off this perfect dance.

Dancing to Justin Bieber’s “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town,” this family is spreading smiles and cheer to millions of people all over the world. Their amazing video has gotten over 3 million views in less than a week!

But when you look at their YouTube page, you’ll see that this tradition is nothing new. Since 2012, the whole family has come together to perform a cute, Christmas themed dance video; while all of them are pretty great, the video below is by far their most well rehearsed and intricate.

Ending with a family pyramid, the Orgill’s showed off their dancing skill and their love for each other during the Christmas season!

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