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My Daughter Is Missing Preschool, But Here’s Why I’m Not Concerned

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Last year, I enrolled my daughter into a program for 2-year-olds. It met only once a week for a handful of hours, but for us, it was the perfect way for her to be social. Prior to, my daughter was used to hanging out with just me. And while that’s not the worst thing in the world (I mean, I guess I could be more fun at times), it’s always important for kids to meet other kids. Especially since my husband and I have decided to join the “one and done” club. She won’t have any siblings to hang out with.

Like most moms, I was terrified over dropping her off that first time. I had tears as I pulled out of the lot, wondering whether or not she’d be OK without me. The answer was, yes. Turns out, my daughter is a social butterfly and was happy I was gone for a few hours. As for me? I missed her, but I had forgotten what total freedom felt like. For the first time since she was born, I actually had the house to myself.

She quickly made friends in the program, and we enrolled her for the next year. Things seemed to be on track. Then 2020 happened. Her instructor chose to cancel the program, which was the safest option. However, it’s been sad to have built connections just to see them fall apart.

There’s also the feeling that she may be falling behind. Personally, my oldest memories come from preschool. And one of the benefits of preschool is having your child get adjusted to the routine of leaving home. It’s meant to be a place for kids to play and explore. While the situation is tough to handle, I’m choosing to view it positively. Here’s why I think the kids of today — notably, my own — will be OK.

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