Life Stories

My moral in life is simple

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I always respect other people around me no matter who they are, what they behave to me. Because everybody needs to be respected.

My point is, if they do not behave properly to me, I will forget it. If they do something that beyonds my limitation, then I will put an end to this relationship with them. That is how I still can keep the respect to that person.

And if they are good to me, I will definitely treat them even better than that. Because I appreciate what they have done for me, as well as I appreciate them. When they are good to me, I am sure they are good persons, or they just love me.

Those people are deserved to be cherished. So I will do my best to help them when they need me. And I will love, respect them with all my heart. And I will remember the good things that they have done for me.