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Neighbors Send Parents A Noise Complaint About Autistic Daughter: ‘She’s A Freaking Child’

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Monica and Kevin Newton have endured years of rude comments, stares, and judgment from strangers. The Sacramento couple’s 6-year-old daughter Kayla has autism, is nonverbal, and has trouble communicating her feelings.

After three years of living in their current home (and countless hours of therapy to help Kayla), Monica and Kevin received an unexpected letter during the pandemic … an anonymous letter written by their neighbors, with no return address or signature. But their message was loud and clear.

Kayla absolutely loves going outside. It’s a way for her to let go and feel independent, and she loves taking in the sights and sounds of nature.

But their neighbors are not happy with the sounds Kayla makes when she’s out in her yard.

“As you may or may not be aware, many of us are being affected by your daughters long periods of shrieking throughout the day,” the letter read.

The neighbors also said that they’re finding it difficult to work from home while everyone is trying to social distance and stay in quarantine — so they asked the Newtons to reduce the length of Kayla’s episodes in an effort to “resume some periods of tranquility that we previously enjoyed.”

“For somebody to say that she’s shrieking and it’s ruining their life, what about her life? What about her? She’s a freaking child, she’s 6 years old,” Monica told CBS Sacramento.

Watch the video below to see what else the neighbors had to say, and how Kayla’s parents are using their heartache to try to teach others a little bit of empathy.

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