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Never ignore a person who cares for you

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When you are cared by somebody, that’s really a big luck and happy. Because they love you, so they take care of you.

But sometimes, you may feel annoyed by this carings. That’s when they care for you so much, they keep asking too many questions that bothering you.

That’s when someone cares about you but she/ he tries to control you. They keep you from your freedom. You only can do what they let you do.

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That’s when you have no good feelings with someone who want to take care of you. You even feel disturbed and annoyed by whatever they want to do for you, and you just want them to stay away.

You know what? Even the way they care for you is not proper and not what you like, they put their heart into it. And that’s precious thing. You should respect and feel grateful. So when you look back, you don’t need to regret about losing a loving diamond because of trying to appreciate the stones and other unvalued things.