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Never Try To Convince Somebody Of Your Worth

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Either they like you or they don’t like. Never try to convince somebody of your worth. If a person doesn’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve you. Respect yourself and be with people who truly value you.

There are people who love you, there are people who don’t like you, that’s completely normal. No one can please everyone around them.

Never try to prove yourself worth to someone just to make sure that they like you. If they have good feeling about you, sooner or later they will also see your good points and see who you really are.

And for someone who doesn’t appreciate you, doesn’t respect you, they don’t deserve you nor your enthusiasm. You just ignore them and don’t mind them anymore.

Your values also are the ways you treat yourself. Others will appreciate you when you appreciate yourself. So you should respect yourself, and be with the people who really like you.