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New Reality Show Exposes What It’s Really Like For These Four Women To Be Married To Mama’s Boys

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What is a mama’s boy? Well, honey, if you have to ask the question… then you’ve never met one. Mama’s boys may vary, but according to Cosmo, they have a few things in common:

  • He can’t survive out in the wild without his mom
  • He runs every decision he makes by his mom
  • His mom is never, ever wrong
  • His mom knows every detail of your relationship
  • His mom shows up whenever she wants to

Sound familiar? Then you too might be in a relationship with a certified mama’s boy, which means you will definitely be interested in tuning in to an upcoming reality show all about the topic.

“I Love A Mama’s Boy” will premiere on TLC on Sunday, October 25. Howard Lee, President and General Manager of TLC, recently explained what viewers can expect to see.

“At TLC, we are always spicing up our relationship series to surprise and delight our fans and “I Love A Mama’s Boy” is no exception. From outrageous family dynamics and culture clashes to jaw-dropping mother-son rituals, we know viewers will go crazy for this fresh new love and relationship series.”

The show explores the relationships between four couples and the moms of each of the men who make up one half, or perhaps one third, of the couple in question. Each of the couples are facing a pretty tough scenario, but it’s possible that Justina (26), Jason (28), and Annette (49) take the cake:

“Justina is planning her long overdue wedding to Jason, but his overbearing mother Annette is determined to have the wedding of her dreams. Torn between his fiancé and his mommy, Jason struggles to diffuse the tension between Justina and Annette. Will Justina end up with the wedding of her dreams, or will she be bulldozed into accepting her future mother-in-law’s vision instead?”

Watch the video below to learn even more about these mama’s boys and the women who love them anyway.

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