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Newly Graduated Nurse And Her Great-Grandmother Nurse Hold Touching Photo Shoot

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Being a nurse is an absolutely incredible and often selfless profession. It takes a rare person to care for others day in and day out, and many times it’s a job that doesn’t get enough credit. Still, there are tons of great reasons to become a nurse, and for one North Carolina nursing graduate, she says that reason is her amazing great-grandmother, also a nurse. After her graduation, the two nurses posed in an adorable nurse photo shoot. Understandably, the adorable pictures have now gone viral.

Margie Durham, the great-grandmother in the shoot, graduated from nursing school a long time ago — back in 1942, to be exact. She then went on to work as a nurse for 61 years. Now her great-granddaughter, Taylor Bowles, has graduated from Forsyth Tech with a degree in nursing. It has to be amazing for Margie to watch her great-granddaughter follow in her footsteps. And clearly, they felt it was worthy of a photo shoot to document the amazing moment.

The two nurses posed together in early August in their nursing uniforms, and the results were simply touching. Taylor says that her great-grandmother is the reason she wanted to join the medical field, which makes the images even more special. It’s so heartwarming, but the photos, which show the two women looking proudly and lovingly at one another, is even sweeter.

For more on the story, watch the video.

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