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No matter what happens in life, keep a good heart

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No matter what happens in life, keep a good heart. A heart of trust & patience. Don’t let the darkness of some people harden your heart.

There are people who are lucky enough to have a good and peaceful life. But there are also people who has to overgo a lot of incidents in their life. They have to face a lot of difficulties, and also sufferings.

If you are having a peaceful and good life, well, congratulations to you. And if life has a challenge for you, just steadily to overcome it with a beautiful heart.

It is the heart of patience and determination to overcome the situation. That heart will lead you to pursue good goals mo matter how tough the road you are going on.

It is the heart of trust and belief in people, in life. Believing this life is still incredibly beautiful.

It is the heart that firmly believes in yourself. In order no darkness can hurt your heart and keep it warm with love.