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Ohio Teen Who Pushed A Log Off A Cliff That Killed A Mother Asks Her Family For Forgiveness

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On Labor Day 2019, a 44-year-old mother and professional photographer named Victoria Schafer was doing a photo shoot with six high school seniors. They gathered at Ohio State Park on a beautiful summer day.

Just as Victoria and the students were returning to the parking lot near the stairs at Old Man’s Cave, an enormous 70-pound log came plummeting down from the cliff’s edge, right above her, and instantly crushed her.

Bystanders rushed to her side, but Victoria was pronounced dead at the scene. She left behind her husband of 21 years and their four teenage children.

Local police came to believe that the falling limb most likely didn’t happen naturally, and that it could have been an accident. They just didn’t know the circumstances, or how that log managed to come crashing down from off the cliff.

Victoria’s family demanded answers and felt in their gut that someone out there knew something about the incident.

“We understand that maybe it was an accident,” Victoria’s sister said. “It was not a malicious act. But just knowing and being able to put that away would be helpful. We are not out for vengeance. We just want to know what happened, and we want to prevent it from happening again.”

As it turned out, two teenage boys — Jordan Buckley and Jaden Churchheus — admitted to pushing the log off the cliff on that fateful afternoon.

They both plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

During a court hearing, 17-year-old Jordan Buckley stood up to speak directly to Victoria’s grieving family.

And in the clip below, he asks them for forgiveness.

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