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One Good Deed Could Land A Brand New Tesla In Your Driveway

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If you took a peek inside your car at this very moment, there’s a good chance you’d find a bulky car seat with some mysterious odors in it, a couple of empty Starbucks cups, and crumbs from some food you don’t even remember your child eating. But your car wasn’t always a vessel for singalongs and games of “I Spy”. At one time, your car was a girl cave of sorts — complete with the perfect music for reflective drives and shopping sprees. And you have a unique shot at getting that special space back while the 2020 Tesla Giveaway is still open for entries.

While you totally deserve just one nice thing for yourself, entering to win a 2020 Tesla Model 3 isn’t remotely as indulgent as it sounds. The giveaway is entered by making donations to the Playing For Change Foundation, a non-profit that uses music education to create positive change for children and their communities. Your donation can help bring jobs to local musicians and administrators, music education to underserved children, and a Tesla Model 3 to your driveway.

The economy is in an unpredictable state, and it can be hard to find the spare cash to donate at such a time. But all it takes is one $10 donation to the Playing For Change Foundation for you to earn 100 entries into the 2020 Tesla Model 3 Giveaway. If you have a bit more cash to spare, a $25 donation will score you 250 entries to win. Basically, for the price of a mediocre car wash to clean out the crumbs from your busted whip, you could get 250 entries to win a brand new Tesla, and help out folks in need along the way.

If you’ve been able to hang on to $50 or even $100 from a paycheck or two, you’ll get between 1,000 and 2,000 entries to win when you donate. Do a little good and enter to win a Tesla today with a donation to the Playing For Change Foundation. Then cross your fingers that you’ll wake up with a Tesla in your driveway.


2000 Entries to Win a 2020 Tesla Model 3 & Donate to Charity – $100

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Byline: Violet Shepard

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