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Only 1 out of 10 people can solve this puzzle: Can you figure out what the father’s fifth son is called?

Puzzles and riddles can be a good and fun way to exercise our brains. We all need some form of stimulation after spending most of the day sitting behind a computer or on the couch watching tv.

Doing some good ‘ol brainteasers offers a variation in our everyday life – and at a time when technology does everything for us, we need it more than ever before.

Certainly, every time I visit my parents, they still have the same sudoku and crossword books they used to solve when I was a kid. They say it keeps their mind young – and I’m sure that’s the truth. Exercising the brain as often as they do is probably really helpful.


Sometimes, I tire of just watching movies or series. Instead, spending time on something that forces me to think and concentrate gets me back in shape. I feel like I just woke up, my mind is clear and my head feels fresh.

I found the riddle below online earlier this week. Only 1 in 10 people can get the answer straight according to most websites. But I don’t think only 10% of the people that tries can solve it. It’s not that hard, as long as you concentrate.

At the same time, it feels like the kind of tests that either you solve right away, or you take forever to do. Either because you miss something or due to your mind taking you in the wrong direction.

Anyway – here’s the puzzle:

John’s father has 5 sons. Alan, Blan, Clan, Dlan – and can you guess the name of the fifth son?

Yes, the question makes it pretty obvious. It’s just a matter of knowing the alphabet. Right?

If you already know the correct answer, you can almost say that you are a genius. You belong to the 10% who guessed the answer right away. If you have not come up with the solution, you can see the answer below.

The name of the fifth son is John.

“John’s father has 5 sons,” so John is the last son the question is referring to.

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