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Pandemic Inspires 90-Year-Old To Finally Come Out As Gay To Track Down The Lost Love Of His Life

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Kenneth Felts knew he was gay at the age of 12. But because he grew up in a fundamental Christian family and was taught that being gay was wrong, he kept his truth hidden deep down for decades.

He pretended to be straight throughout his adolescence and during his years enlisted in the Navy.

He finished college, moved to California, and ended up falling in love with a man named Phillip.

Kenneth and Phillip moved in together, but their secret whirlwind romance was short-lived. Unable to reconcile with his upbringing and the stigmas attached to his sexuality, Kenneth left Phillip. He was absolutely heartbroken.

Time passed. Kenneth eventually married a woman. They had a baby girl before getting a divorce.

According to USA Today, Kenneth scoured the phone books to try to track down Phillip at one point, but to no avail. Even if they did reconnect, he still couldn’t come out because the state would have prevented him from keeping custody of his daughter as a gay man.

And so Kenneth intended on taking his secret to the grave — but then the pandemic hit.

Locked in his home and living alone, Kenneth started writing a memoir about his life. Everything from his past came flooding back, and he fully realized just how much Phillip meant to him.

That’s when Kenneth came out as gay on Facebook, at the age of 90. In the back of his mind, he hoped this would lead him back to Phillip, if only he could find him.

Kenneth’s Facebook post went viral. He gained the support of thousands of people across the world. Now his story is inspiring so many!

Sadly, Kenneth learned that Phillip died a few years ago.

Watch the video below to see how Kenneth’s life has changed since he has freed himself of his past.

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